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ENTROPHY – Kevin Amar 1955 GMC 3100 Pickup Lack of order or predictability. Gradual decline into disorder.” Entropy isn’t a suggestion. It isn’t a probability. It is a scientific law. In  short, it is the natural order of things to decline, decay, and become less organized—unless energy is added to the system.

Take Kevin Amar’s unassuming 1955 GMC 3100 pickup. At first glance, it would appear to be a straight—although well-weathered—classic GM truck. The rusty exterior would seem to suggest that the natural order of things is in full swing. Specifically, that the 60+-year-old sheet metal is well on its way to  oxidizing back into the elements from which it was created decades ago.

From the crusty front bumper down to the subtle steelie hub caps, it looks just like a sleepy farm truck that has probably spent its days hauling hay bales around the back forty ever since the Eisenhower administration—and has the worn paint and miles to prove it. But one peek under the hood is all it takes to reveal that any assumptions of passive decay are not just misplaced but patently false.

“Kenny’s Rod Shop built this truck for me from the ground up,” said owner Kevin Amar. The Meridian, Idaho native wanted a true sleeper build with all the bells and whistles hidden away amidst an unassuming classic pickup wrapper.

Kenny’s started with a relatively clean and straight all-original shell that had already started down the project car path. “When I purchased the truck, the cab had been primered and prepped for paint, while the rest of the… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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