FEATURES – CUTS LIKE A KNIFE – Brent Groh – ’72 Ford Mustang

| May 11, 2020 More

It was 1980. Rock-and-roll still rocked. Teen fiction spoke of a bright and promising future for us all. And in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 17- year old Brent Groh was rolling into his high school parking lot in a 1972 Mustang Grande he had purchased for $1,100 (CDN) and modestly modified himself.

Canadian winters had been cruel to the Ford, consuming portions of both rear quarters and the driver’s door, too. After replacing the rotted steel, Groh repainted it factory Ford blue, updated the garish white interior with more subtle blackand gray tones, and  treated the engine bay to era-perfect chrome valve covers and a huge yellow coil. Piloting the heavy, emissions-strangled horse to a best of 14.50 at a jaw  dropping 87 mph in the quarter.

Thankfully for us all, he kept the car. And couldn’t leave well enough alone. The first major upgrade came in 1985 after attending the notorious Street Machine Nationals. Surrounded by a sea of fat tires and perforated hoods, Groh was afflicted heavily by the pro street bug. The car… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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