FEATURES – CRATE EXPECTATIONS – Jay Misener Fox Body Mustang

| May 7, 2020 More

Growing up in the ’80s,’90s and 2000s— during the heyday of fast street cars where we would spend thousands of bucks just to get that little extra edge on the guy in the other lane—who would have ever  thought that we would see a “crate motor” basically dropped into a full weight production car and running 10-second ETs in the quarter-mile? Not me!

“Tens in the quarter” was always sort of the ultimate goal for a working guy’s real street car back then, and it is pretty quick even by today’s standards. Most of us just couldn’t afford it though, and then there were those guys who “said” they could go 10s no problem, but when it came to put their money where their mouth was at the track, very few could really run the number. Now, for basically around 8-grand, a few hours labor, and some fine tuning, you can go 10s right out of the box—or crate, in this case. Plus, your ride will be a joy to start up on any given day—and no more feathering the gas to get it to stay running and crying your eyes out from the fumes!

“I purchased the car for $500 when I was 20 years old,” said Jay Misener of his prize possession 1988 Fox body Mustang LX hatchback. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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