NEWS – Build a Tucked-Up Exhaust System with Granatelli Motor Sports Oval Exhaust Components from Summit Racing

| May 28, 2020 More
An exhaust system built with oval tubing can provide extra ground clearance and help tuck the exhaust up closer to the floorpan for a cleaner look.You can build one with Granatelli Motor Sports oval exhaust components. The stainless steel straight tubing, bends, mufflers, and other parts allow you to build an exhaust that is just 2.25 inches tall, but flows like a full-on three inch system. Here is what’s available:

• Straight tubing in 5-foot lengths
• 90-degree vertical and horizontal bends
• 45-degree horizontal bend
• Muffler with 3” center inlet/offset outlet
• Adapters to transition from oval to round tubing
• 45-degree turndown with four-bolt collector flange

Summit Racing also carries Granatelli Motor Sports Oval Exhaust Cutouts. The CNC-machined aluminum cutouts have a smartchip-controlled activation switch to open and close the butterfly plates, stainless steel butterfly plates and blade shafts; high-torque DC gear-reduction motors; and plug-and-play wiring connections. Kits are available for single and dual exhaust systems.SEE GRANATELLI MOTOR SPORTS OVAL EXHAUST SYSTEM COMPONENTS AT SUMMIT RACING

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