TECH – Cover Your Butt – Engine Diaper Install

| April 29, 2020 More

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my first 14 months of fatherhood, it is the vital importance of diapers. I never gave them much thought for the first 38 years of my life, but now I realize how fast things get out of hand without one. Even 10 minutes with a miniwild man running the house without one could leave us with some expensive damage or at least a really bad mess to clean up. In our first few weeks, we quickly became experts on what diapers worked and which ones leaked. One bad blowout in a bargain store brand proved the true value of the good ones at any price. The same is perhaps even more true with keeping a good quality diaper on your fire breathing, rubber annihilating pride and joy.

If you have spent even one day at the racetrack, you already know that engine failures happen all the time. Even the most experienced teams with the best parts available lose engines sooner or later. When a motor lets go and puts a window in the block or oil pan, until you get it stopped, the engine loss is at least second on your list of biggest problems. Even a pushed main seal can put oil under your tires and cause a bad accident and even the best wheel-men are at the mercy of chance when they drive through their own fluids.

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