Beyond SICK Part 9 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

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Beyond SICK Part 9 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

So finally!!! It is alive!! So many set backs, so many changes. I would of never imagined in a million years that it would be 18 months before we could complete this engine! Granted, we shelved it a few times to get out there and go racing, but still—18 frigging months! You wonder why it takes new products so long to hit the shelves? Now I understand that when you are doing something a little different, nothing goes easy.

So before we get to some final numbers, lets just look at the last few months. Number one, racing this year has been a struggle. Almost every time the car shows up, it is the fastest car on the property by a margin. But guess what happens? Something breaks.

It does you no good to be the fastest if you can’t keep your junk together! Early in the year a head gasket failed at Milan. The a center section fragged at Martin. Then a transmission went out at Milan. Then the rear end housing failed at Milan. Parts and more parts!

On a more positive note, let’s talk about this billet engine. We finally got it together on the dyno to get some tuning in. Wouldn’t you know it,….

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