Beyond SICK Part 8 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

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Beyond SICK Part 8 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

So here we are, another month or so has passed by and the engine is ever-closer to making it onto the dyno,” tells street car mad scientist Tom Bailey of his 4,000-plus horsepower billet bullet which will eventually take up full time residence between the framerails of the already-famous Sick Seconds 2.0 Camaro.

“We made a change to the injectors so we are waiting on them to come in,” he continued. Bailey will be using screw-in injectors so that at the higher boost levels that Sick 2 will see, there will be no worries about pushing the injectors out.

“This engine would be fine without them,  but we are also setting up a 481x that needs them, so rather than get two sets of different injectors, we are getting one set and some spares so that we can use them in either engine. As you can tell from the photos, the street injectors on the under side of the intake are a standard push-in style.”

Bailey also had oxygen sensor bungs put on each of   the header tubes so that they will be able to fine tune the air/fuel ratio per cylinder instead of as a group. “We have already done this to the mule motor and have been able to dial it in for improved power,” said Bailey. “The crazy thing is that we used to do the fine tuning by EGT’s (exhaust gas…. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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