Beyond SICK Part 5 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

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Beyond SICK Part 5 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

In the April issue of RPM we brought readers some of the heavier-than-heavy duty parts that will be backing up the motor in the SICK 2.0 Camaro, and it’s hard to believe that was three long months ago.

“After a few months off, we are back at this,” said Bailey of his fingernail- biting wait for the highly engineered billet big block. “We now have the block and several of the main components and are getting closer to final assembly.”

Bailey described the block as a “work of art,” and that “the cylinder heads turned out just badass!” The CFE heads, just like the block, have been water jacketed for street use and the Crower billet crank being used is in the final stage of balancing and will arrive to Steve Morris within the next week.

“The Crower machined TMS titanium rods arrived yesterday and they are jewelry- grade pieces,” added Bailey. “The pistons from Diamond only take a couple days to get as they are amazing on turning them around quickly and the pushrods from Smith Brothers will be finalized last in the drivetrain, and once again can get turned around very quickly.” We also have word that the “massive” (sorry, that’s the only specs we could get) SICK 2.0 cam is out for a top secret Steve Morris grind and the team did a massive cam core upgrade, which is just another piece to the jigsaw puzzle of building such a cutting-edge high-powered animal.

Crower is currently working on the lifters for Bailey’s…..Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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