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| March 20, 2020 More

CP Carrillo Logo blue, black, and white. Promotional purposes.Dear Customers,

CP-Carrillo is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and we have been monitoring and managing this crisis internally and externally. Our goal is to keep our employees and families protected the best we can as that will enable us to provide our customers with uninterrupted services. During this time, we have put many procedures and practices in place to support these efforts.

We have self-quarantined for the last 4 weeks, no longer allow outside vendors or customers to enter inside facilities, implemented social distancing in office, no longer conduct face to face meetings, offer catered lunches and provide rigorous cleaning and make sanitizing products available to all employees. We piloted worst case scenarios to test our infrastructures and systems to be prepared in case of emergencies. Our goal is to have flexibility with non-direct production employees with the ability to work remotely in order to limit exposure and possible spread of the virus.

All our Supply Chain Partners are implementing similar scenarios and continue to facilitate business as usual to minimize risk with our customer base as needed.

We recognize this remains a fluid situation for all Organizations. Our team is meeting daily to assess our COVID-19 preparedness and prevention plan as well as in-process status on our current open orders. We remain optimistic this crisis will pass, and the racing community will rebound, so let’s work together to get through it.

CP-Carrillo will continue to monitor Local and Federal Governments and World Organizations for any mandatory directive that could affect our business. Should we see that a mandated directive will impact our day to day business we will do our best to notify you direct through email and post updates on our social media.

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