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| March 25, 2020 More

03-25-20 – You may have noticed that RPM MAG has been working hard these past few months to completely revamp our website www.rpmmag.com to be more interactive and include more of the news and interactive content you told us you wanted.  

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS….   Enhancements include several new easy-to-use interactive features that can be accessed from any computer, smart phone, or other handheld device, and a boatload of even more cool things to see and do on www.rpmmag.com are coming down the pipes.   This month we want to officially announce our new photo submission feature at www.rpmmag.comRPM HotSpot.
If you spot something crazy-cool in any type of high-horsepower street or strip automotive setting, now YOU can submit your own photos right at www.rpmmag.com.  


www.rpmmag.com and click on the RPM HotSpot link in the menu and go from there.

Not only will your photos end up published on rpmmag.com, but they might very well end up in print in RPM MAGAZINE (shhh….don’t tell anyone but we are hoping to add a “Reader’s Pics” section soon!) Better yet, if you’ve got the right stuff that sends RPM Staff and readers to the redline, then you could even become the NEXT ACE SHOOTER for RPM MAG!  That’s right, you could be chosen as an RPM MAG contributing photographer and get paid for feature photos!

On top of the new RPM HotSpot photo submission feature, we have also added the following:

  • Every RPM feature article since 2013 is being reformatted and added to it’s own easy-to-access page.  This will continue with articles being added weekly!
  • BINGE READ our top features!  Each RPM MAG project car (past and present is being formatted into a single clickable package so you can crack open a cold one, sit back, and read about our real-world projects, complete with the good, bad, and the ugly of building a car.

We’ve started with the aPocalypSe Horse which can be accessed on the top main menu bar.

  • Video Content is being added on a regular basis which will include EXCLUSIVE series, RPM MAG personalities, one-off videos, and much more.  Watch for this feature to evolve quickly in 2020 to be the go-to place for high horsepower on-the-edge videos for hardcore enthusiasts worldwide.
  • More industry press releases have been and will continue to hit rpmmag.com BEFORE anywhere else in the world!  So visit often to find out what’s new and hot int he world of drag racing and wild street cars.
  • More tech articles featured in RPM will also now be available on the site and we’re working towards hosting other new tech content exclusive to www.rpmmag.com
  • We’re even developing special pages such as our new Track Link page to be a one-stop for quick access to industry-related places, activities, parts, and anything else we can think of adding.

Millions of people worldwide are visiting RPM online and you should too!  Join us at www.rpmmag.com   Go now, www.rpmmag.com.  Sign up for Press Releases fresh from the RPM Website, check out the articles and be sure to come back regularly so you don’t miss anything.  

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