Blown Away – Billy Meadows

| March 21, 2020 More

In extreme sports, there’s always that thought tucked away in the back of your head that there is a certain level of danger involved. It keeps you on your toes, fully aware and in touch with everything that is going on
around you. For many, when they are involved in a serious accident they rethink if the danger is worth the reward, and sometimes, understandably, choose not to return. In motorsports, the fact is that at most levels any potential prize money barely covers your expenses let alone the cost of your race car. The biggest rewards are the rush of competition and satisfaction of accomplishment, but yet after an accident so many racers still return to the high power sport they love.

It takes a strong drive and intense willpower to put yourself back in a race car after almost losing your life in one, and it is not something that happens right away. For Billy Meadows it was a five-year lay off from the driver’s seat of the crash to the driver seat of the world’s quickest ProCharger equipped car. Now that is determination!

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