Holley EFI Expands Wiring Shop Selection!

| February 26, 2020 More

Holley is pleased to announce the release of a large assortment of new products from it’s Wiring Shop division – cable scissor cutting pliers, unterminated harnesses, weathertight connector kits, weatherpack tool kits, split wiring loom, J1-J4 connector kits for Holley EFI and more!



Cable Scissor Cutting Pliers

Using the right tool makes the difference between a good job and a great job; MSD offers their cable scissor cutters to ensure precise cuts making your next wiring job a breeze!

• Thermal plastic handles.
• Cuts up to 1.5 inch cable.
• Precision ground, hardened blades suitable for cutting copper and aluminum on single and multiple strand cables.
• Adjustable screw joint and safety lock.
• Clean and smooth cut without crushing or deformation.

Unterminated Flying Lead Harness

Wanting to go full-custom on your next fuel injection conversion? Holley EFI now offers a “flying lead” harness featuring pre-terminated J1A and J1B connectors. With 15 feet of wire, you can place sensors, connectors and more wherever you need!

• 15’ long flying lead harness, allows you to completely customize your main harness installation.
• 60 Holley Crimped Wires (57x 20 ga, 3x 18 ga).
• 30 optional plug seals.



Weathertight Connector Kits

MSD now offers various electrical connectors and heat shrink kits for all your wiring needs including Weathertight, Superseal, Heat Shrink kits and more! Proper electrical connections ensure safety, reliability and maximum current flow to all your cars electronics, rely on MSD for all of your connector needs.

• Weathertight housings made of Nylon plastic and impact resistance.
• Positive snap lock action with secondary locking for terminal retention.
• Temperature rated at -40° C – 120° C (-40° – 248° F).
• Wire sizes from 14-20 AWG.
• 138 piece kit.

Weatherpack Tool Kits

These pin extraction tools work on Weatherpack, Weather-Tite, and many OEM (GM, Ford & Chrysler) connectors. Designed to release and extract the terminals from the connector housing when wiring or repairing your vehicle.

• Ideal for assembly & removal of Weatherpack & OE-style electrical connectors.
• Plastic handles w/ metal pin extraction tip & picks.
• Includes (2) picks (.050” & .090” wide) & (1) pin extraction tool.


J1-J4 Connector Kits for Holley EFI

It has never been easier to build your own harness for Holley EFI and with the new J1-J4 connector kits you can customize your ECU connections and not worry about splicing individual wires. Pins are included and make hooking up that new sensor or adding eight extra injectors a breeze!

• Available in complete connector kits or individually.
• OEM quality connectors and pins.
• Perfect for DIY or wiring specialists that want to build custom wiring harnesses for any application.

For more information on these products and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos (click image until you reach the largest size, and then right-click the image and click “Save As”), click the links below.

3514 Cable Scissor Cutter Pliers
558-126 Unterminated Flying Lead Harness
8177 Weathertight Connector Kit
4011G Weatherpack Tool Kit
558-408 J2, J3, J4 Connector & Pin Kit

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