7 Second Cyclone – Randy Dolenseck

| February 27, 2020 More

Although Ford built the Mercury Cyclone, and its counterpart the Talladega, for the high speed oval tracks back in 1969, the unique swooping body style made for great street machines and drag cars as well. With its aerodynamic front nose treatment, these refugees from NASCAR actually cut through the wind pretty well as compared to many other cars from the muscle car era. Randy Dolenseck’s 1969 Cyclone Spoiler is definitely not a circle burner.

Synonmous with NASCAR racing in the late 1960s, Mercury’s Cyclone Spoiler racked up a bunch of wins before their arch rival Chrysler brought out the Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird. Although the winged cars did well their days were numbered once NASCAR rewrote the rulebook for 1970.

Packing 598 cubic inches of big block Ford this engine is truly an engineering masterpiece. The foundation of the 1,700hp monster is a C&C Motorsports aluminum block filled with a Crower crank, BME aluminum rods and a set of JE’s best forged pistons.

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