Who’s In This Issue – December 2019

| November 15, 2019 More

War Horse… This high-revving Foxbody Mustang was born to hold its own in any dogfight.

The Instigator… Jeff VanNorden has never been one to back away from a Challenge thanks to his more-than-capable Challenger.

Stiff Wind… Anthony Albanese says that there’s nothing like making a pass in his 1971 Chevelle at 150+ mph with the top down.

Waiting to Strike… Building a killer street/strip bruiser was always a goal for David Hall— he just needed to find the right time to make it happen.

The Perfectionist… To the artist: often a curse. To the observer: a blessing.

Shop Talk… Why do we do this?

High Performance Academy… Teach yourself to tackle even the most intimidating wiring jobs.

The Fenders of Doom… Fabmaster Bob Thrash takes a swing at the nose that refused to be built.

From all of us at RPM MAGAZINE… thanks for 20 years of horsepower and we look forward to bringing you 20 more! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all the best for an amazing 2020… goin’ fast and keeping the shiny side up!

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