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MILWAUKEE – Mexican automotive and truck accessories distributor Big Country is now offering the one-key convenience and security of BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology). With exclusive distribution through the Big Country catalog via distribution centers in Guadalajara and Mexico City, BOLT is expanding its market reach and brand recognition to the thriving automotive aftermarket in Mexico.

BOLT locks feature breakthrough one-key lock technology that permanently programs locks to a single vehicle ignition key. When drivers insert their key into the lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down until they are matched exactly to that key. With the first rotation of the key, the cylinder is uniquely coded to that key. The cylinder moves into the locked position when the key is removed and it rotates to the unlocked position when the key is inserted and turned again.

“BOLT Locks offer extra security to your car, spare tire, hitch, you name it. Thanks to their innovative technology, BOLT Locks provide great versatility allowing the use of the ignition key from your vehicle. BOLT Locks are the next step in lock security,” said Hugo Valle, Director, Big Country Mexico.

Big Country will offer the full BOLT product line including padlocks, cable locks, 5/8-inch and 1/2-inch Receiver Locks and Coupler Pin Locks for Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan vehicles. They will also market BOLT products for Jeep owners that include padlocks, cable locks, 5/8-inch Receiver Locks and Coupler Pin Locks as well as a Jeep spare tire lock, JK hood lock and J-Mount Hi-Lift Jack.

“Big Country is a premier automotive parts distributor and we look forward to many years of success as we partner to serve the Mexican market. There are a lot of trucks in Mexico, so we believe security products like ours should be in big demand,” said BOLT National Sales Manager Erika Garcia. “We worked with Big Country’s manufacturing arm, Go Rhino, when they incorporated our lock technology into their secure self storage. So, after partnering with us on that, Big Country decided to take on our line not only in Mexico, but, for their customers in Ecuador, Chile and Colombia, as well.”

BOLT products are known for their heavy-duty engineering and easy-to-use technology. They come with a limited lifetime warranty and meet both automotive OEM and ISO standards. To make product selection and ordering more convenient, customers in Mexico will be able to purchase BOLT products online at For additional information, if calling from within Mexico, please dial: (33) 38112263. For inquiries from the United States, please phone: 001 52 (33) 38112263.

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