Midwest Converters – “Ultra Damper”

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Midwest Converters- “Ultra Damper”

Midwest Converters (located in Rockford, Illinois) has released the revolutionary Ultra Damper Torque Converter. The Ultra Damper is a new design specifically for drag racing applications and features a built-in viscous damper. This dampening system absorbs, and dissipates, torsional vibrations created in the drive train. Reduction in this undesirable energy increases horsepower to the rear wheels and reduced transmission wear.

Midwest Converters photo twoThe Ultra Damper Converter is available in 9” , 10” and 10.5” diameters with stall speeds ranging from 2,500-5,500 rpm. The CNC machined Ultra Damper Converters are also available with the Hydra Lock option that reduces converter slippage on the top end to near 0%.

As Midwest Converters owner Dennis Sneath commented,” The Annihilator 10.5” Ultra Damper Converter  with a “Brute” sprag can handle over 2,000hp and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The patent pending Hydra Lock option has shown performance improvements of 1 to 1.5 second and 3-4 mph in testing on a 7 second drag car. We’re very pleased with the performance potential of this new converter.” For more information please visit Midwest Converters web site or call them at:

Midwest Converters of Rockford Illinois  

800-554-2668   /  815-229-9808



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