Induction Solutions Sledgehammer Plate Nitrous System

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The most powerful plate nitrous system on the market—bar none. Our Sledgehammer has dominated the big radial races in plate-limited categories for a reason—it works awesome. The plate is adjustable from just 150 hp up to 600+ hp and is perfect for the weekend warrior or serious heads-up class racer. We start with a nitrous plate that features four spray bars (2 nitrous and 2 fuel). The 1-inch thick plate is then 4150 SH for site 1blueprinted and modified in-house at Induction Solutions. The modifications allow for greater flow, enhanced distribution, and superior atomization, which translates into more horsepower and reliability. All Sledgehammer plates are flow tested by Induction Solutions for proper jet patterns. The plate comes with jet-mapping that steps up in 50 hp increments from the baseline of 150 hp all the way up to 600+ hp. Induction Solutions can provide jetting for 650-plus hp for certain racing applications and that is handled one-on-one with the customer.

The Sledgehammer nitrous system is more than just a plate, it comes complete with the industry-leading Induction Solutions Trash Can solenoid that features an extra large .175 orifice for maximum flow. The fuel solenoid is our own Cheater-style solenoid with a .156 orifice. The nitrous solenoid features PTFE plunger as well as a ~16-18 AMP coil. Both solenoids are also equipped with filtered inlet fittings. Rounding out the Sledgehammer systems are a 10-lb bottle, mounting brackets, bottle nut (-6), -6 supply line, electrical hardware including WOT switch, arming switch, power relay and connectors.

About Induction Solutions:

Noted Pro Mod and Pro Street racer Steve Johnson founded Induction Solutions to provide custom nitrous plumbing and tuning needs in the racing community. Johnson earned his reputation with numerous Top 10 finishes in IHRA Pro Mod and set records in the Hot Rod Magazine and NMCA Fastest Street Car Shootout events in the ‘90s. His resume includes being a top consultant at various nitrous manufacturers as well as on-track racer support. Induction Solutions provides services and parts to many top-level Street Legal Drag Racing, Pro Mod, and Street Enthusiasts and specializes in custom nitrous systems, flow-testing, and supporting parts. The company is heavily involved with many nitrous teams at popular events such as NMCA, PSCA, Radial Revolution, NHRA, IHRA, ADRL, X-DRL, NMRA, X275, and many other independent Outlaw style racing events and sanctions.

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