Who’s In This Issue – July 2012

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For Immediate Release June 14, 2012


His Goat Will Get YOU! – Mark Todd’s GTO is a true Street/Strip terror… let your guard down for just a moment and this 2,000 plus horsepower twin turbocharged 3,000 pound monster will have you for lunch!  And then of course on Saturday night he can be seen touring the streets of England with his son… because he can!

EXPLOSIVE First Extreme Event For 2012! – The HURA Pro Doorslammers brought 14 six-second 1/4 mile madmen to battle it out in Grand Bend. Add to that Alcohol Funny Cars’ return to Canada after almost 5 years, a 275mph Jet Dragster, Can/Am Stock Super Stock, and oh yes, LOTS of sunshine, and you got yourself a show!
The ROCKET – Oldsmobile used “Rocket” as a marketing platform for their Oldsmobile emblem (and engines) for many years, putting the idea in would-be buyers minds that their cars had the power to get the job done. Over 20 years ago Jason Rueckert bought his 1982 Cutlass Supreme with just that in mind, and today, I think it’s safe to say that Jason’s Olds definitely flies!
The Motorhead Traveler Indeed – Kevin Cullen, creator, producer and host of the television series “The Motorhead Traveler” ended up not only attending the first RPM/Lucas Oil Products Extreme Event for 2012, but filming an episode of The Motorhead Traveler surrounding it!
Big Block Brawler Part II – Don’t hang up the gloves just yet! Follow along as we show you how to build big horsepower on a reasonable budget.
Getting Back On Track – With the Getting Back on Track Camaro starting to take shape, we find Humberto and Rudy Ortiz of Vulcan Specialties preparing to install our Chassisworks Eliminator II rear clip system.
Nitrous Oxide A Thing Of The Past? …NOT EVEN CLOSE! – Nitrous cars are nothing new to the sport of drag racing, however, with the strong progression of turbocharging it seemed as though this relatively inexpensive and efficient way to increase horsepower may have seen better days.
Project 4 Lug Thug Put A Lid On It! – Project 4 Lug Thug gets covered up and we create some added air flow up front.


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