October 2018

From enhancing consumer product knowledge through custom marketing and advertising programs, to detailed new product introductions and unique exposure of your brand(s) through our magazine projects, we bring results!

RPM has been a leader in street performance and drag racing media since 1998 and is best known for coverage of a diverse number of race organizations and individual drag race AND street machine enthusiasts in every issue. With contributors worldwide, we get stories out while they are current, not ancient!

RPM is also published IN ITS ENTIRETY online 20 days after each month’s newsstand date, ensuring that your marketing efforts are maximized.

As an RPM advertiser you also have full access to the “Front Page News” section of the cutting edge RPM website for your company press releases or announcements. All front page news articles are sent in real-time to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike performance or race “only” publications, RPM readers are the performance enthusiasts and racers… the people who buy your products and services. From enthusiasts or hot rodders with a street machine in their garage, to serious hardcore racers and those who own/operate retail performance/service shops, warehouse distribution facilities and manufacturing firms, there is a strong dedication by RPM readers to learn about and purchase those brands that we bring to them each month.

Through this dedication, combined with both our business-to-consumer AND business-to business networking strategies, brand awareness along with product and logo recognition benefits across the board.

Your RPM Team are the “hands-on” type of people that participate personally in every aspect of this industry…and we are here to help! RPM has grown to a full gloss, large format publication that is totally unique in design and content. We are often imitated but never duplicated and are very proud to boast a 98% return reader rate. At RPM we do not duplicate web articles or those printed in other publications but rather go to great lengths to create each exciting issue of RPM to be truly exclusive.

RPM Magazine can be found on popular newsstands, gas stations, performance shops and corner stores in the USA and in specialty performance shops across Canada.  If you cannot find a copy near you, please contact us at 519-752-3705  or email circulation@rpm-mag.com and provide the zip code/postal code you are searching in.  Our helpful office staff will assist you in locating a store nearest you.

Back issues are available by contacting our office at circulation@rpm-mag.com. Back issues are $6.oo/copy plus shipping and handling.  Current issues are $6.95 plus shipping and handling.

We’ve stuck to our guns, kept our promise and kept RPM “Real”….20 years later, RPM is still all about YOU, and YOUR cars and stuff that YOU are into–street, strip and once in a while, just to shake things up, something completely off the wall.  But, no matter what, we want to assure you that we intend to continue to set the trends instead of follow them, innovate, not imitate and above all continue to give you the best original, exclusive high horsepower badass rides and cool real world tech and articles you deserve in the world’s top car mag!


The Voice of Wild Street Machines and Extreme Drag Racing WORLDWIDE!  Don’t settle for less!  We Deliver Insane Fast Cars and bring you NO POLITICS…JUST ACTION!  Your ONLY “Real Time” “Real World” Car Mag…PERIOD!