Mickey Thompson – Another Chance to Go ‘Skinny’

| November 1, 2019 More

Mickey Thompson to add a new sizing option to its 27-inch street & strip Sportsman S/R tire lineup.

STOW, OHIO – Oct. 30, 2019 – Drivers of custom street and high-horsepower strip machines have another chance to go skinny with the latest 27-inch sizing option added to Mickey Thompson Tire & Wheels’ Sportsman S/R front radial tire line.

Available in 2020, the new 27×7.00R20LT size joins the popular 27X6.00R15LT, 27X8.00R15LT, 27X6.00R17LT and 27X8.00R17LT 27-Inch tall skinny offerings. This new size is approved for 5 to 6-Inch wide wheels.

“Featuring a unique flamed tread pattern, custom sizing, long life and a smooth ride, the Sportsman S/R radial is a must-have for hot rodders and racers alike,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels.

The premier skinny front tire for drag racing and other performance applications, the Sportsman S/R skinnies pair well with Mickey Thompson’s ET Street S/S, ET Street R (radial) or Sportsman S/R wide rear tires for an excellent performance combination. Particularly suited for street and strip use, the Sportsman S/R line provides decreased weight and rolling resistance for easier launches and quicker ETs at the track.

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