Calvert Racing Suspension Components Now Available at Summit Racing

| September 18, 2019 More

You probably know Calvert Racing best for the famous CalTracs Traction
Bars, but the company also makes leaf springs, shocks, and suspension
components designed to help cars hook up better and run quicker.

Slapper-style traction bars keep axle rotation in check by applying
force upward on the spring, preventing spring wrap-up and maintaining
the proper pinion angle. CalTracs Traction Bars work better. They bolt
to the front spring eye and the bottom of the rear axle, and use axle
rotation to create downward force on the front of the spring. That
prevents wrap-up and maintains the proper pinion angle, but more
importantly, it applies forward motion at the front spring mount. This
moves the instant center of the car further forward and shifts weight
from the front to the rear of the vehicle. More weight at the rear means
better traction off the line and improved 60-foot times.

We also have low-profile CalTracs bars for street-driven vehicles. The
bars are adjustable, but have just one height setting for extra ground
clearance. Summit Racing carries CalTracs for many leaf-spring cars and
light trucks including:
• 1964.5-73 Mustang
• 1960-70 Falcon
• 1967-81 Camaro and Firebird
• 1962-77 Nova
• 1955-57 Chevy passenger car
• 1962-78 Mopar B-body
• 1982-2004 GM S-Series truck
• 1999-2017 GM Silverado/Sierra 1500
• 1999-2017 Ford F-150

Designed for use with CalTracs Traction Bars, the Split-Mono Leaf
Springs are much lighter than factory multileaf springs, reducing your
vehicle’s unsprung weight. The split design features a heavier front
portion for stability, especially with high-horsepower cars. The back
portion is lighter and is available with spring rates from 200 to 255
lbs.-in. to match the weight of your car. The Split-Mono springs are
also available in various ride heights to fine-tune the suspension.

Calvert Racing Split-Mono Leaf Springs come with heavy-duty alignment
clamps, aluminum front spring eye bushings, and urethane rear spring eye
bushings. They are recommended for race use only as the springs stiffen
the rear suspension considerably, which can adversely affect ride

Complete your CalTracs suspension setup with Calvert Racing shocks. The
CR SERIES rear shocks have an external dial to set rebound to one of
nine settings, which helps you control excessive rear body separation at
launch. The CF SERIES 90/10 front shocks are designed for maximum weight
transfer. They have very fast separation and feature dual-stage valving
on the compression side to help the car settle on the top end of the

Summit Racing also carries Calvert Racing spring sliders, shackle
bushings for Mopar Super Stock, GM mono leaf, and Calvert Split-Mono
leaf springs, pinion angle correction shims, and spring spacer kits.



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