The Changing of the Guard: Joe VanO

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joevanoKelly and Sue Cooper are pleased to announce that they have purchased the complete mold inventory from Joe Van Overbeek Race Car Bodies and are now in full production. They will be operating under the name “Joe VanO“. Kelly has 27 years of race car fabrication experience and has been involved in drag racing in many forms. His wife Sue is an accomplished drag racer and a Champion in her class.

Kelly has been working with Joe on and off for the last fifteen years and knows his business better than anyone. With this experience, Kelly has mastered Joe’s techniques and can recreate his products. Joe has said that Kelly is the pickiest person he knows when it comes to quality and attention to detail. It is for these reasons that Joe has entrusted the Coopers with his namesake, his legacy and his life’s work. Their goal is to continue with the same level of quality work that Joe is known for.

JoeVanO Dbl CardThe Coopers are also excited to get into production of their brand new 69’ Camaro. Joe has updated the body with cleaner lines, pulled “C” pillars for more tire clearance and a 2” Pro Stock body offset. With this body, Joe VanO offers their rear diffuser setup that is one piece and fills the trunk floor from the wheel tubs to the bumper. This is designed to release the air that can be trapped under the car.

Joe VanO has also added the 69’ Camaro Outlaw nose, which features a 45” overhang, 3” bubble for nitrous and blower cars and a 6” bubble for turbo applications. When used with the new rocker sills, it provides a wicker around the front and sides for added downforce.

The Coopers are excited to take on this next chapter in their lives and provide the drag racing community with the finest high-quality hardcore race car parts for hardcore racers. Joe Van Overbeek Race Car Bodies will continue but Joe will concentrate his attention on his Pro Mod bodies. He will also be there to provide support, guidance and technical advice when required.

Check out the website, to view the complete product line.
Joe VanO would like to thank Kristie Biro for helping with their logo.

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