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3f840818-15a9-476b-bfc3-4f24a7490376Holley is pleased to announce the release of a giant assortment of new products from Holley, iNTECH, Sniper, and Brawler – high and low accessory-mount kits, two types of 2-piece LS valve covers, cold-air intakes, dry-nitrous systems lower manifolds, retro-fit carbureted fuel modules, carb hats, and street/race carburetors.

Holley High and Low Mount Accessory Drive Kits incorporate universal brackets compatible with virtually any LS engine regardless of their water-pump and harmonic-balancer offsets. Ideal for crate engines and new builds and available in black and polished finishes to complement any engine compartment, they’re offered in complete drive systems and sub-systems for just air conditioning and power steering. The accessories, tensioner, and pulleys are all manufactured by OEM suppliers and feature factory-spec flanged-head hardware to match existing LS engine hardware.

Holley Vintage Series 2-Piece LS Valve Covers give LS engines an updated yet classic look. Available in five different finishes – factory orange, polished, natural cast, satin black, and gloss red – they feature GM-licensed “Chevrolet” script overcovers in place of the drab factory styling. These modular cast-aluminum covers provide all the performance benefits of coil-on-cover ignition technology with integrated coil mounts for both Gen I- and Gen V-style LS coil bodies that hide the coils and wiring harnesses. They fit LS1/2/3/6/7 engines and easily clear valvetrain components with an internally baffled ventilation system, and each set comes complete with a low-profile billet oil-fill cap, 12-point dress-up hardware, and cast-in provisions for spark-plug boots and coil-wiring harnesses.

LS Two-Piece Finned Valve Covers retain the stock height and feature an internally baffled base with integrated coil mounts for both Gen I and Gen V LS coil bodies. The vintage-style finned overcover hides the coils and messy wiring harness and still blends seamlessly with other finned Holley dress-up accessories such as valley covers and air cleaners. The coil cover has cast-in provisions for the spark-plug boots and coil-wiring harness, so no complicated adapter systems, extensions, custom wiring, or coil relocation is required.

iNTECH Mustang Cold Air Intakes are the latest addition to iNTECH’s unparalleled line of cold-air intakes. Designed specifically for 2018-19 5.0L Coyote-powered Ford Mustangs and styled to match the rest of the engine compartment, they’re an easy way to pick up as much 22 horsepower and 19 additional foot-pounds of torque and a noticeable boost across your entire RPM band. They keep debris and heat from entering the intake and robbing power, and feature a patented Slip-Seal housing/filter/tube interface, so there’s no need for any hose clamps.

NOS Dry Nitrous Plate Systems sandwich between the top plate and bottom base plate and deliver nitrous through .125-inch passages to eight precision-machined openings. Created just for Sniper Race LS EFI Intake Manifolds, they spray directly into the center of each cylinder for optimum distribution and max power. Systems come with your choice of a silver or black finish with 10-pound, 15-pound or carbon fiber bottles or as plate-only kits (no bottle). Complete kits have every component you need to step up to a nitrous system: the plate itself, bottle, jet holders, solenoids, solenoid brackets, stainless steel hoses, and jetting for up to 250 additional horsepower.

Holley Hi-Ram Lower Intake Manifolds are now available in carbureted versions for LS7 engines. These intake manifolds are a cost-effective alternative to fabricated sheet-metal intakes and perfect for high-performance engines where induction-system height is not a factor. A perfect base for countless custom induction systems, the modular base, runner length, and tapered cross-section are compatible with a wide range of carbureted tops. They feature 2.49×1.21-inch ports, O-rings instead of gaskets on the plenum and all eight ports, and work with both forced-induction and naturally aspirated engines for drag race, muscle car, marine, off-road, sand rail, pulling truck, and street rod applications.

Sniper Die-Cast Retro-Fit Carbureted Fuel Modules make it easy to convert factory tanks and fuel cells to an in-tank fuel system with no welding or fabrication required. Capable of fueling engines up to 900 horsepower, they work with any tank from 6.5 to 12 inches deep and come with a die-cast pump hanger bracket to control pump vibration. These low-profile aluminum modules are similar to EFI pump modules and use a 340-LPH pump with a built-in regulator for the lower fuel pressure required by carbureted engines. They’re ideal wherever space is at a premium, can be upgraded for EFI simply by changing the internal regulator, and can be rotated a full 360 degrees to accommodate virtually any plumbing/wiring configuration.

Holley EFI Carb Hats feature a contoured design, delivering optimal airflow and maximum hood clearance (nearly four inches) for almost any engine equipped with a 5-1/8-inch air-cleaner flange. Developed specifically for blow-through applications, they’re compatible with Sniper EFI, Terminator Stealth, and 4150- and 2300-flange carburetors. Holley EFI Carb Hats are made of aluminum and available in silver and black finishes, and come with an air cleaner gasket, 1/8-NPT plug, and all the necessary hardware for a fast, easy installation.

Brawler Street and Race Carburetors are machined and hand-assembled entirely in the USA. Newly available in a 600 CFM configuration, they have all the latest air/fuel calibration technology for today’s street/strip applications built right in with considerations for currently available fuel. They’re lightweight, affordable, made of billet aluminum, anodized red and black, and deliver the performance and tuneability you’d expect from much more expensive carburetors.
For full product details and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos (click image until you reach the largest size, and then right-click the image and click “Save As”), click the following links:

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Finned Valve Covers
Cold Air Intakes
Dry Nitrous Plate Systems
LS7 Hi-Ram Lower Manifolds
Retro-Fit Carbureted Fuel Modules
Carb Hats
Street & Race Carburetors

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