RPM MAG Enhances Distribution With New Locations

| February 20, 2019 More

19-02 Cover-1“Times change and we change with them,” says RPM VP of Marketing & Customer Relations Trish Biro. “For the past 20 years, we’ve touted RPM as ‘innovators, not imitators’ and with that comes the responsibility to constantly review and re-tool not just what goes in RPM, but also the way we deliver our product.”

RPM has been the strongest independent magazine for 20 years and has recently enhanced it’s distribution to get in the hands of more people. “Starting in Canada we have removed poor performing retail newsstands and replaced them with strong performing automotive parts and performance stores,” added Biro.

RPM can now be found at a number of locations listed below in Canada (watch for a U.S. distribution press release coming soon).

While quantities at these locations will be far greater than a newsstand would receive, they WILL go fast. Keep in mind, that along with looking after readers, RPM MAG’s goal is to always provide the best possible value to advertising partners, and that means having every copy of RPM in the hands of an enthusiast. “We just saw too much waste with certain newsstands,” continued Biro “And that waste means less exposure for our advertisers, which are the backbone of a family run magazine like RPM. These latest enhancements will better serve both our readers and advertisers.”


All Parts Pro Performance Centers will carry RPM. A list of Parts Pro locations can be found by clicking this link: https://partspro.ca/locations/

All APC locations will carry RPM – A list of APC locations can be found by clicking this link: http://www.autopartscentres.com/apc-locations/

All Performance Improvements locations will have a supply of RPM. A list of Performance Improvements locations can be found by clicking this link: https://performanceimprovements.com/pages/locations

Can’t find RPM in the U.S. or Canada? – ORDER A SUBSCRIPTION! The best way to get RPM has always been by subscription and new 2 and 3 year options are now available.

To subscribe to RPM Magazine you can call 1-519-752-3705 or visit our website at: http://rpm-mag.com/subscribe/

1 year subscription $35
2 years $65
3 years $90

Digital subscriptions are also available (single copy or yearly) at https://issuu.com/search?q=rpmmag

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