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!cid_732B6C365B9A4C379A8E67B7CBB38545Manufacturing and stocking blowers, manifolds and hardware for just about any application Blower Drive Service boasts the industry’s largest selection of complete supercharging packages. Shown here is their very popular BBC setup with an 871 Stage 2 Polished BILLET Case Blower. Manifold is a Polished BDS Standard Deck Comp Intake with a burst panel. The assembly is topped by a Dominator scoop catching air for a pair of 4150 style carburetors. Picture also includes the BDS fuel lines with a power bar regulator with a short snout assembly and ½” pitch pulley with a drive face plate. The package is an excellent choice for serious street, strip, marine and show machines. Check out the comprehensive lineup at Need help designing a supercharging system specific to your needs; call direct to 562-693-4302.

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