Alston Race Cars Chassis and Suspension Components Now Available at Summit Racing

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blobid12_1547225440120Alston Race Cars has been manufacturing components and complete chassis for drag cars and high-powered street machines for over 30 years, so we wager they know a thing or two about building a race-winning ride. Summit Racing carries almost 1,000 Alston Race Cars products from tabs and brackets to complete chassis kits—here is a sample:

Pro Gas Chassis Kits
The Pro Gas chassis is what put Alston Race Cars on the map back in the early 1980s. Alston has built thousands of these over the years to fit most popular race car bodies. The Pro Gas kits are available in two versions—one for compact cars with wheelbases from 92 to 97 inches (Monza, Mustang II, Pinto, etc.) and one for intermediate-size cars with 97 to 115 inch wheelbases (think Camaro, Mustang, G-body Monte Carlo). Features include:
• Choice of 2 x 3 inch rectangular or mandrel-bent 1 5/8 inch round tube frame rails in mild steel or chromoly steel
• Set up for strut or A-arm front suspension
• Can be used with ladder bars or Alston Race Cars 4-link rear suspensions.

Summit Racing also carries Alston Race Cars Pro-Link Chassis Kits that provide a very low ride height, even with larger tires. They are made from mandrel-bent 1 5/8 inch certified mild steel or 4130 chromoly tubing and are designed for use with Alston’s Pro-Link four-link rear suspensions and your choice of A-arm or strut front suspension. Pro-Link Chassis Kits are available for these body styles:
• Opel GT
• 1955 Chevy
• 2010-11 Camaro
• 1968-72 GM A-body
• 1963-82 Corvette

Roll Cage and Roll Bar Kits
Summit Racing carries a big selection of Alston Race Cars roll cage and roll bar kits. Made from mandrel-bent 1 5/8 inch round mild steel or 4130 chromoly tubing, the cages and bars are designed to fit specific vehicles—no universal-fit stuff you have to make fit your car. The roll cages are available in 8-, 10-, and 12-point versions; the roll bar kits are available in 4- and 8-point versions. Cutting, notching, and welding are required for installation.

We also offer Alston Race Cars X-brace door and roll cage upgrade kits to add further protection to 8- and 10-point roll cages, plus kits to convert Alston Pro Gas and Pro-Link chassis to a Funny Car-style roll cage setup.

Front Snout Kits
Alston Race Cars makes two styles of Front Snout Kits to reduce weight, help stiffen your chassis, and allow easier engine relocation:
The A-Arm kits accept adjustable coilover shocks and can cut up to 230 pounds from the front end of your car. They are designed to use Pinto-style steering and suspension components and do not require a jig for welding to your chassis. Your choice of 2 x 3 inch rectangular or 1 5/8 inch round tubing.

The Strut Kit is up to 300 pounds lighter than the OEM subframes and suspension setup. It accepts racing-type strut front suspensions with rack-and-pinion steering. The exclusive one-piece, 1 5/8 inch round tube frame rail design means less cutting, welding, and fitting hassles with no chance of mismatched frame rails.

Rear Subframe Kits
You have two choices here:
The Pro Street rear subframe features 2 x 3 inch rectangular frame rails and accepts ladder bars or a four-link suspension. The universal-fit subframe will stiffen your car’s chassis to help get more power to the ground. It comes with a three inch drop center crossmember, subframe connectors, upper coilover shock crossmember, and rear crossmember.

The Pro-Link rear subframes fit any width or length chassis. They are formed with a higher kick-up to lowering chassis height, even with larger tires. The subframes also give you improved access for battery and fuel cell installation, Pro-Link rear subframes are designed for use with Alston’s 4-link or ladder bar suspension systems with coilover shock absorbers. Your choice of 1 5/8 inch round or 2 x 3 inch rectangular tubing.

Fast Glass Window Kits
Alston Race Cars’ Fast Glass windows are up to 75% lighter than factory glass and are far better at absorbing impact to keep you safe. Fast Glass Windows can be easily removed or replaced without the risk of cracking or shattering, and have excellent optical clarity. The windows are also available with an optional Diamond Shield coating that keeps them optically clear for a much longer time period. Fast Glass is available for door and quarter windows, and in complete kits with windshield, door and quarter windows, vent windows, and rear window.

Summit Racing also carries Alston Race Cars subframe connectors, control arms, four-link and ladder bar suspension kits, wheel tubs, and much more.


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