Summit Racing Frame Brace Kits for GM Cars Now Available

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Even though they are a body-on-frame design, 1955-57 Chevys and 1968-72 A-bodies have a lot of chassis flex. That’s because GM built them for a comfortable ride at the expense of handling and wheelspin-free launches at the drag strip.

Of course, Summit Racing has the solution for that. Our Frame Brace Kits tie the chassis together into a rigid structure similar to a full custom frame, but at a fraction of the price. The reduced flex will tighten up your car’s handling, improve traction, and can even improve on the ride quality The General dialed into these cars.
The kits are computer-designed, bent, and fixture-welded using high quality DOM tubing and plate steel. They locate off the factory frame holes and require no tricky measuring—all you need to install a kit are some welding skills (or a friend that can weld), cut-off discs, clamps, measuring tape, and an angle finder.
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1968-72 A-Body
• Laser-cut boxing plates with pilot holes for line clamps
• Fully welded tubular side rails
• Adjustable transmission crossmember
• Rear exhaust crossmember
• Body mount reinforcement plates designed for Energy Suspension bushings
• Stainless steel exhaust hangers and hardware
summit pic2
1955-57 Chevy
•Welded tubular side rails
• Bolt-on motor mount frame stands for Chevy small block, big block, and LS engines
• Adjustable transmission crossmember with integral factory body mount locations
• Rear crossmember allows the use of a full X-pipe dual exhaust system
• Exhaust hangers and hardware
This Summit Racing how-to video will show you how to install a 1955-57 Chevy kit.
Once you’ve taken the slop out of your car’s chassis with one of our frame brace kits, you can further improve handling with stiffer urethane bushings, tubular control arms, and coil-over shock kits. Your friendly Summit Racing rep can help you pick out the right ones.

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