Ontario Grudge Wars is pleased to announce our partnership with MotorManiaTV!

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MotorManiaTV2015PRESS RELEASE Dec 11, 2018

MotorMania will be live streaming the RPM MAGAZINE Smackdown3 July 20, 2019 at Toronto Motorsports Park and the All Out Live event we are attending at Lapeer Dragway in Michigan August 11, 2019 as part of the Tom Bailey’s Woodward PreParty and RPM 20th Birthday Bash.

The folks at MotorManiaTV have been top players in live streaming drag race events since live streaming drag race events first started. They are pioneers of the technology, drag racers themselves and know what it takes to put on the show!

“I can’t tell you how pumped we are to have MotorMania on board for these events,” said OGW’s Ian Hill. “Once again, we have to thank the people at RPM MAGAZINE for ‘Super-Sizing’ Ontario Grudge Wars. This deal was put together in the RPM Magazine booth at the PRI show, proving once again – participation is key!”

“The Motormania TV and RPM MAGAZINE relationship started in 2002 and continues to grow,” said RPM MAG Editor In Chief Chris Biro. “Mark and Joanne are like family and it is always a pleasure when we can work with them on any project, but to have them cover the SMACKDOWN3 and then our RPM MAG 20th Birthday Bash, now that is truly an honor.”

“With so many fans watching live stream drag racing from their homes each and every weekend, you know exactly what to expect when our event goes live, and the efforts of MotormaniaTV will be nothing short of awesome!” Hill added.




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