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PRESS RELEASE: Dec 10, 2018

“Ontario Grudge Wars is very excited to announce the release of our new website” says OGW front-man Ian Hill.

Hill worked closely with designers 369 Media to build a website platform that is cool, clean and easy to use. “On top of all the late hours in the design stage, 369 Media have been awesome to work with, teaching us the editing program so we can make changes and additions on the fly!”

The website will take OGW to the next level on the information highway (in addition to their already popular social media presence) and provide an additional avenue for OGW sponsors to reach their customers. “It’s what we do,” Hill continued; “We over deliver! This new website will add additional return on investment for our sponsors and supporters as well as show off the cars that race in our series.”

Its not just a logo said Hill, but rather the website will explain the relationships between the specific sponsor and the series and/or race industry. As well, it will  tie visitors and racers directly to the sponsors by providing links to their own pages.

The site also features series info, rules pages and blog space that OGW intends on using to blast out new information as it happens… “and as we are hot on the heels of PRI, we have so much to share,” added Hill.

“The series is poised to release some huge deals with major players in the drag industry and a few ‘special extras’ we have in store for 2019! Check out the new OGW website at  Let us know what you think.”

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