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“RPM is a print mag, but we’ve been online since online started and we are constantly working to create new innovative ways to have readers engage with RPM on the internet,” says RPM Editor In Chief, Chris Biro.
Many areas of our lives today are device driven, whether it’s smart phones, tablets, laptops or PCs, and RPM MAG is an important part of using these devices in a positive way… to kick back for a few minutes and relax in an issue of high horsepower action that only RPM can deliver.
“We want to make it easy and affordable for readers to follow RPM in any form they wish, including electronically,” Biro added.
RPM has been available in a digital format at various popular online newsstands and bookstores for a number of years, however, developing technology has opened up new options and this, combined with inconsistencies inherent with the online newsstand world put RPM staff to work to find a better electronic subscription delivery method.
To get your hands on RPM right when it hits the digital newsstand, SIMPLY visit us on ISSUU and order your digital RPM subscription today for just $20/year or visit our E-Mag page on the RPM Website and choose any issue you wish to.
Want digital back issues? We’ve got that covered, too!
Once most people get their first taste of RPM, they want more, so we set up a way for you to simply visit http://rpm-mag.com/rpm-e-mag/ and click on ANY back issue for a pre-purchase preview, so you can buy only the back issues you like best.
STILL NEED YOUR PRINT COPY? Don’t worry, after 20 years of Smoke and Gears, RPM in print is not going anywhere!
We know that there’s nothing like the look, feel and smell of a freshly printed high quality RPM MAG arriving on your doorstep, and truth be told, many of our online readers also get a print subscription. As always simply visit www.rpmmag.com and follow the “SUBSCRIBE” link or call us at the office at 519-752-3705 or email  trish@rpmmag.com    For printed back issues, just give us a call or email and we’ll hook you up with whatever months we have left in stock, but hurry, they sell out quick!

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