LFP Tools Collaborates with Kong Performance on Revolutionary Air Divider

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image2In the world of Superchargers, one small tweak in torque or horsepower can leave the competition behind. So, when Greg Keosayian, owner of Kong Performance, had an idea for a unique air divider to increase performance within the LS9 Supercharger, he decided to put his Rottler P69AHD to work and make his vision a reality. Due to the part’s complex geometry, fixturing this part in the machine proved to be no simple task. Greg contacted Kaleb LeFevra, owner of LFP Tools, to help him with his concept piece. After Greg finished 3D printing multiple prototypes for test fitment purposes, he finally had a solid model that was ready to go. The Kong Billet LS9 Air Divider was born.

What separates the Kong Billet LS9 Air Divider from other products on the market is its ease of installation combined with great gains in performance. With the proper tools, it can be installed in a home garage, no mechanic needed and no permanent modifications necessary. It provides both torque and horsepower gains with significant bang for your buck. With mounting tabs integrated into the billet, it simply reuses the factory intercooler brick fasteners for installation. As an added bonus, the LS9 Air Divider is completely undetectable from the outside and can be easily removed. Designed for use in the Corvette C6 ZR1 (2009-2013), the Kong Billet LS9 Air Divider is cut in-house from a single piece of 6061 aluminum billet; it won’t fail and it won’t wear out.

How the Project Unfolded

image5 (1)Greg at Kong Performance knew that for this unique project, he would need assistance with tooling, fixturing, and the programming of the G-code for the Rottler P69AHD. He turned to Kaleb at LFP Tools who had previously provided the installation, training, and remote support for his new machine. When the final prototype was ready, Kong Performance presented LFP Tools with a cad model of the LS9 Air Divider and the collaboration began. While Greg continued his day to day work porting superchargers in Pennsylvania, Kaleb kept the Air Divider project in motion in Florida. He designed a custom fixture to hold the Air Divider, programmed the G-code, and machined two prototypes. After the prototypes were shown to be successful, LFP Tools shipped the fixtures and billet prototypes to Kong Performance along with the additional tooling Greg would require to complete the project. The Initial Air Divider was tested using a Mustang Dyno to measure Torque and Horsepower, results exceeded expectations, and it was declared viable for production.

LFP Tools provided the tooling, fixturing, and programming to complete the project. After ensuring that the initial milling runs smoothly, LFP Tools will provide remote support, as requested by Kong Performance. One of the major benefits of partnering with LFP Tools for custom project development is the independence that clients achieve once the initial set up and education are complete. While future collaboration may be necessary to replace worn tools or tweak and service machinery, the client is now able to work independently and only contact LFP Tools for remote support if needed or to arrange collaboration for future projects.

image3 (1)“LFP Tools loves custom projects that push the boundaries of innovation,” says Kaleb LeFevra, owner of LFP Tools. “Collaborating with Greg and Kong Performance on this Air Divider was exhilarating. Despite the geographical distance between us, we maintained open communication and effectively partnered to make the Kong Billet LS9 Air Divider a reality. Maximizing software to accomplish such precision machining is our passion at LFP Tools. Whether it’s assisting clients with fixturing, tooling, or software development, our goal is to help each client expand their business through successful project collaboration.”

Testing Parameters and Results

All testing on the Kong Billet LS9 Air Divider was completed on the Mustang Dyno with zero cool down time between back to back tests. Close attention was paid to temperature to ensure each Dyno run had the closest comparison possible. Testing showed that the Air Divider reduces post rotor turbulence by directing the air through the intercooler bricks. This results in noticeably increased throttle response and substantial mid-range horsepower and torque gains of +20 ft/lbs. raw torque (rwtq) and +20 horsepower at the wheels. Data logging of the computer inside the vehicle was done using HPTuners software. Since this testing, multiple customers have repeated this testing for their own validation, and in some cases, even more Horsepower has been shown during back to back comparisons.

PRI 2018

Both LFP Tools and Kong Performance are excited to announce their participation in the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI 2018), one of the racing industry’s largest trade shows, from December 6-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  During PRI 2018, Kaleb and Greg will be cutting parts at the Rottler Manufacturing Booths, located in Machinery Row, Booths 5129 & 5229. The Kong Billet LS9 Air Divider will be a featured demonstration.

About LFP Tools

LFP Tools provides cost-effective high quality tooling, custom project development, and the installation, education, and support of Rottler CNC machinery. Known for building relationships with clients that last long after project completion, LFP Tools provides unparalleled software development, customized tooling and fixturing solutions, and exceptional customer service that exceeds client’s expectations. Founded in 2017, LFP Tools is based in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

About Kong Performance

Founded in 2017, Kong Performance provides innovative, superior quality products through precise custom machining and state of the art CNC technology. Kong Performance has a primary focus on CNC Supercharger Porting for all late model GM platforms, including LT4, LS9, and LSA powered vehicles. Kong Performance is located in Chester Heights, PA.

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