Will the Sebastian Vettel-Lewis Hamilton duopoly continue at the Singapore Grand Prix?

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Formula One speeds into Singapore’s Marina Bay Street Circuit for round 15 of the season. Thirty points separate F1 leader Lewis Hamilton and second place Sebastian Vettel. Nearly 100 points is the difference between Hamilton and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. Therefore, unless something major happens in the final seven races, it looks unlikely that a current outsider will overtake Hamilton in the points standings. Buffalo Wild Wings Sportsbook is the perfect place to watch, wager, and enjoy the Singapore Grand Prix when it speeds into the Asia country.

F1 has seen Hamilton and Vettel completely dominate the Singapore Grand Prix over the last nine years. Seven races have been won by either Hamilton or Vettel. Only Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg have claimed victories at the Marina Bay Street Circuit since the race resumed in 2008. Based on race form, it doesn’t look likely that another driver outside of Hamilton or Vettel will win it this year. Or does it?

Singapore Grand Prix – Is it Hamilton and Vettel’s race to win?

Only four F1 drivers have claimed grand prix victories in 2018. Hamilton and Vettel have won 11 of 14 races thus far. Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are the only other two drivers to post victories. Ricciardo won a brilliantly driven Monaco Grand Prix which followed an excellent Chinese Grand Prix. Meanwhile, his teammate Verstappen drove to victory at the Austrian Grand Prix in July.

Unfortunately, Red Bull hasn’t been consistent and neither driver has followed up on their wins. Verstappen has posted just one podium since winning in Austria while Ricciardo’s best finish has been fourth following Monaco.

Singapore Grand Prix – Ferrari desperate to overtake Hamilton

With their success at the Singapore Grand Prix, all signs point to Hamilton and Vettel being the two that will fight for the win. Of course, their teammates could have a say in the result. Ferrari’s Raikkonen has nine podium finishes while Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas has recorded six top three places. Regardless, if one of the two wins the race, their finish may have a direct effect on Hamilton and Vettel’s performance.

Ferrari hasn’t won an F1 World Championship since 2007. Raikkonen was the last driver to bring the team a title. Since then, Ferrari has watched Mercedes dominant the motorsport while Renault had its fair share of titles thanks to Vettel. According to pit crew insiders, Ferrari will go for the win in Singapore and its aggressive choice of tyres shows the Italian team is looking for speed.

Singapore Grand Prix – Who will win at the Marina Bay Street Circuit?

Leading sportsbooks have installed Ferrari’s Vettel as the favourite in Singapore. The German is listed a 5/4 to win for the first time since 2015. That was the last time Ferrari won in Singapore as Mercedes have taken the last two race titles courtesy Nico Rosberg and Hamilton.

Hamilton goes into Singapore with the second-best odds, according to leading sportsbooks. The Mercedes driver is 7/2 to win while Red Bull’s Verstappen is 4/1 and Ricciardo is at 5/1. Unfortunately for Red Bull Racing fans, both drivers have already stated they don’t believe their cars will be competitive in Singapore.

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