NEW SUPERCHARGER KIT: 2017+ Chevy Camaro ZL1 LT4

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Exciting news!!! A Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat is now available for the 2017+ LT4 Chevy Camaro ZL1. This kit comes with everything necessary to swap your old stock R1740 supercharger with a bigger, better, more efficient, and higher horsepower capable Magnuson 2300. Here is info on the kit:

Supercharger Retail Pricing: $4995
Horsepower increase: 50-60 RWHP gains from just the swap alone with the stock pulley. The Supercharger has potential of 250-300 RWHP gains with the appropriate pulleys, fuel system, throttle body, etc.
CARB: Pending
Tuning: No tuning included
To purchase: Contact or any of our Authorized Dealers near you who are listed on our Dealer Locator on our website
Link to kit on our website:

The reliable ability to race or daily drive with a phenomenal horsepower increase is finally available for you with our Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat Supercharger for your LT4 ZL1. Our kits will come with a warranty which is explained in our Warranty section (Click for Warranty Info).

Future Updates:
We plan on announcing updates about the following over the next few months; thank you for your patience…
-CTS-V V3 2300s
-2650’s for GM vehicles
-Stage II Upgrades to GM Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat Superchargers
-Toyota products

For more information please email or call us at 805-642-8833. Thank you!

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