Who’s In This Issue – July 2018

| June 18, 2018 More

17-01 Cover-1THE RIDES

Possession…This wild Dodge Demon is nasty, angry, and hell-bent on speed!

Go for the Gold…You’re either first or you’re last…and this ProCharged second-gen Camaro isn’t interested in silver or bronze.

Weathered Warrior…This blown Falcon may look a bit long in the tooth, but when it hits the strip it is anything but.

Wild Horse…A Coyote with big turbo get this 2004 Musang going in a big hurry.

Snake Bitten…Getting it done with this twin turbo Viper, one half-mile at a time!

Shop Talk…Leave It Alone: Contentment for Gearheads is as rare as a pink unicorn.


4 Lug Thug – Speed Reading…We perform the quickest and simplest RPM Magazine install project to date.

4 Lug Thug – Mo’Data…Less Problems…We add eight wideband 02 sensors and eight EGT’s from Innovate Motorsports to Project 4 Lug Thug’s Holley Dominator EFI System.

Apocalypse Horse – Whole Lotta Nuthin’…Tinkering away on the little stuff sure can take a lot of time!

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