Who’s In This Issue – May 2018

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MAY 2018


The Rides

Thunderbird – Kevin Slyfield’s 2,500 plus horsepower methanol gulping championship bird of prey is no myth!

Strange Stang – Feeling Strange? This wicked nitroused Fox body will help!

Fulfillment – After 20 years, Roland O’Haran was finally able to see his ’67 Camaro complete.

Warriors…Come Out To Play...The Warriors Drag Racing Team is ready to break out with their high-power, high energy brand of race action!

Corn-Fed Cool – Terry Ciesta’s incredible blown 1955 Chevy is an E85 fueled Shoebox full of awesome.

Projects & Tech

4 Lug Thug – Finally in Sync

4 Lug Thug – Driven by Precision

TowTech – Slow Down and Cool Off

Shop Talk – Why Cars?

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