Who’s In This Issue – April 2018

| March 15, 2018 More

17-01 Cover-1THE RIDES…

1 Fast ’57…This ’57 Chevy has it all…including over 1,000 horses under the hood!

Eight Barrels of Fun…This wicked ’66 Pro Street Mustang is packin’!

Real Deal…’69 Chevelle built for one purpose: to kick ass!

Driving Miss Gracie…Not your average four-door family sedan!

Go Big or Go Home…With 978 cubic inches in his Top Sportsman Camaro, Alberta, Canada’s Barry Daniluk has the Go Big part covered…and he has the record to prove it!!


4 LUG THUG..Extreme Weight Loss: Episode 6…We continue our quest to get the old RPM mule down to a healthy fighting weight.

4 LUG THUG…In School Suspension…Time to get serious with hardcore rear suspension from RaceCraft!

HOME GROWN COPO…Our project Camaro is too hot to handle…literally!

APOCALYPSE HORSE…The Hard Way…Project do-over strikes again.


Gearheads and good deeds: The possibilities are endless.

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