Key Factors That Made Ford The Most Popular Car Make in UK

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Every market is dominated by some special preferences in respect of car makes, regular, business, vintage or luxury models or car features. The UK’s thriving car market is no different in this respect. When it comes to UK car market there is an array of options from various makes ranging from US manufacturers like Ford to German car brands like Mercedes and BMW. UK for generations boasted of one of the most lucrative car market in the world where people never show stagnancy in respect of embracing most sophisticated car models of their preference. Before buying a car like this, make sure to always have spare parts available from MG Auto Spares just in case you need to do a repair.

This is precisely why a buyer needs to research so much to study the different car models before finding the ideal choice. While over the internet you can have a look at the information related to each of these car makes and their offerings it is equally important to know what are the most popular car makes in U.K. market and the reasons behind their popularity.

Ford has enjoyed unprecedented popularity and unchallenged domination as the most preferred car make of UK just because it fulfills all the crucial requirements and attributes customers are looking for. The most important thing about Ford is that it offers a wide variety of car models ranging across the niches. From commercial vans to SUVs to luxury sedans to small cars, Ford as a brand excels in every niche. Even it’s used cars cardiff  in South Wales offer some of the most reliable and promising vehicles. The UK offers many different used and new Ford car models, ranging from all types of preferences.

Brand popularity

The brand of Ford is known and recognised world over. As an automobile brand it enjoys an unmatched reputation and legacy throughout the world including obviously United Kingdom. UK customers have a much bigger share of the legacy of Ford simply because the brand started its operation more than a century before in 1909. In that regard UK has been crowned as the first truly international market for the Ford motor company outside of US.

A giant it became

Ford has become the biggest and most sought after car brand in the U.K. more because if it’s large and staggeringly huge manufacturing facilities spread across seven locations across UK coupled up with more than half a thousand dealerships covering almost every locality of the country. According to the company it produces and sells close to half a million vehicles every year. Apart from all these, with an employee strength of 35,000 across manufacturing facilities across the country Ford is also one of the biggest employers in U.K.

Ford produced highest number of best selling car models

A key thing that with the large number of their cars and manufacturing facility Ford could achieve is the striking balance between style and car functionalities. Over the years Gord as a brand evolved through numerous models of cars and gave birth to an array of popular car models that broke many records in respect of sales figure. Many of the erstwhile Ford cars are still found all all over Britain. Ford Transit van which is being built in England since 1965 can still be seen populating many U.K. roads.

Ford Focus as of now has been the highest selling car in U.K. while a little smaller version Ford Fiesta also continued to remain popular as a top selling Ford car. If you look at the key factors that made all these Ford vehicles remain popular over the years, you are bound to recognise the unmatched style, functional ease, modern car systems and space management they are endowed with. The appeal of Ford has been so dominant in the U.K. market that even it is the highest selling car brand in the second-hand car market as well.

Competitive pricing

While nobody would be so dumb headed as to call Ford cars as cheap, when it comes to competitive price comparison with a sharp consideration for value for money, Ford cars come as extremely affordable and value driven than other brands. Ford cars across the range starting from small and compact cars to large SUVs, sedans to commercial vehicles are often known to offer far better value for a highly competitive price than other brands in the contention.

Finally, to conclude the competitive edge of Ford in the U.K. car market will always be there simply because if the huge dealer network and the established brand image it boasts of. Along with this, Ford establishing its presence in the seconds car market further gave buyers a positive impression concerning resell value if their cars.

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