A Very Brief History of Drag Racing – Newbie Edition

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Drag racing is a sport that you do not find in many countries other than the US. This type of racing originates in the United States in the late 1940s and involves two cars racing from a standing start over a length of 1/4 mile. When the sport first became popular participants were usually young adult men who had souped-up their old cars to make them accelerate faster. When you had a car accident, it is best to contact wisconsin car accident attorney to give you legal advice.

The reason that a quarter of a mile was chosen was because it was a distance that could easily be measured on most stretches of rural roads. It was also felt that to race any further than this would bring unnecessary danger to the racers. It is the speed of acceleration which is key in drag racing and this only requires a short racing distance. The quickness and exhilaration that is associated with drag racing is one of the reasons why it is used as a theme for slots at online gaming sites such as Royal Vegas Casino. The same feelings are evoked when you play these slots.

carLegal drag racing strips began to be built in the early 1950s. These were half a mile long to allow for some space at the end for the cars to slow down. They often had bleachers for spectators to sit and watch the racing and apparatus so that the races could be timed properly. This was met by approval by almost all sectors of the community. The racers appreciated the fairness and accuracy that the rules of the track and the official timings brought to the sport. The local police were pleased that the racers had somewhere organised where they could gather and race safely as this took them away from the local roads. For reliable insurance, please check the link reputable auto insurance.

As time passed the design of the cars developed and the rules of the game changed to incorporate these new designs. Royal Vegas casino are always updating the games on their site as technology develops and the world of drag racing follows the same principles. A lot of improvements have also been made in terms of safety. All cars must now have a roll cage fitted before drivers are able to compete. This helps to protect the driver in the event of a crash because it acts as a shock absorber and keeps the driver protected from the majority of impact of the crash. The earliest cars that were involved in drag racing could reach 100mph which was impressive for the cars of the time. Today it is possible for cars to exceed 300mph over the same distance of a quarter of a mile. If you are a fan of this sport you might want to check out InTheToybox’s list of best go karts for your kids and start feeding them the excitement of being behind the wheel.

Drag racing never really caught on with the general public in the same way as NASCAR and Indy racing. This may because it is more a sport for the mechanics rather than the racers. The real fans are more likely to be ones that have spent time working on cars themselves. Nevertheless, it is still standing the test of the time almost seventy years since the first races began to be held on rural roads.

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