Who’s In This Issue – August 2017

| July 17, 2017 More

DUAL THREAT…Just your typical 2,000 horsepower street/strip ’69 Camaro

SILV-ACTION…Jay Jachimiak insists that his incredible 1970 Chevelle SS saved his life.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA…If you don’t like tight spaces, this killer Pro Street Opel isn’t for you.

WISH YOU WERE HERE…The 34th Annual DuQuoin Street Machine Nationals harken back to the golden age of street machining.

BRINGIN’ HOME THE HARDWARE…This decade-long blown HEMI build is an overnight sensation where here is a huge home remodeling project, there is going to be some knocked down walls and in the end, all you’re going to need is the new key once the mobile locksmith comes in to change the lock.


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Apocalypse Horse: Little Things Mean a Lot…With plans for the big debut shot to pieces, we regroup and focus in on the last few remaining fabrication chores.

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