Who’s In This Issue – July 2017

| June 17, 2017 More

UGLY SISTER – Don’t crush this one just yet…it’s a badass twin-turbo street car that runs 7’s!
ALL OF THE ABOVE – Gary Houghtaling’s twin turbo 1964 Falcon is entirely awesome!!
HELL ON WHEELS – Aaron Hauke’s 2015 Mustang GT is a little more than just a pretty face!
MOONTUNE – Ryan Harper’s tale of his 1968 Camaro will certainly tug at your emotions!
DRAG RACING ON THE CHEAP – If you thought there was no such thing, we’re here to tell you there is!
Shop Talk – To Wrench or to Drive…that is the question!
Products & Innovations: Hang on to Your Head…An affordable and adjustable head & neck restraint from Z-Tech sports
4 LUG THUG – EFI For Nitrous Junkies: Part 5 – Fire it up! The finale of our 5-part Dominator EFI series
ACADIAN REVIVAL – Plate Me Up, Scottie – Blow the dust off and get to work, it’s time to bring that parked street bruiser in the garage back to life, on the street AND strip!

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