Who’s In This Issue – June 2017

| May 23, 2017 More

17-01 Cover-1THE RIDES

COVER CAR – Flight Plan – Clear the runway. Kerry McPherson’s Pro Street Nova is ready for takeoff!

The Blue Beast – Casey Hord’s Z06 is fast and 100% street machine!

Seek and Find – Searching out a Gen 2 Camaro for an LS swap…Mission Accomplished!

Don’t Knock it ‘Til You Try It – A young drag racer brings an old idea back to life: a class for plate nitrous-equipped cars only.

Terminator – Hasta La Vista, Chevy.

Shop Talk: Nothing is Ever Easy – I promise…it’ll only be a few more minutes!

Project Home Grown COPO – It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do!

Project 4 Lug Thug – EFI For Nitrous Junkies: Part 4 – A dashingly handsome dash.

Cool Tools – Rout Too Cool – Creating killer (and repeatable!) pieces and panels with a JessEm router table, Easy Fabrication templates, and router equipment from 12VTools.

Project Apocalypse Horse – Play the Hand You’re Dealt – With the clock ticking on the big debut at the Street Machine Nationals, we take a few steps back before taking a few forward.

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