Who’s In This Issue of RPM – May 2017

| April 21, 2017 More

17-01 Cover-1THE RIDES

COVER CAR – COWMARO….This beefy late-model Camaro packs a potent punch!

TROOPER-SPEED…Some of them are gearheads too!

SONIC BOOM…Nick Thompson’s ’97 Mustang is armed and ready for action!


STREET OUTLAW…If you thought this wild 1950 Chevy 5-window pickup might attract the attention of the local law enforcement, you’d be right!


SHOP TALK: Seasons Come…Seasons Go…But wrenching and racing never change!

ARMOR PLATED PISTONS…Wiseco offers Armour Plating and Armour Glide on it’s line of pistons…What is it, and why do you need it?

PROJECT 4 LUG THUG…EFI for Nitrous Junkies: Part 3 – Harnessing the Harnesses

PROJECT BACK ON TRACK…DOWN BUT NOT OUT…Although things haven’t gone exactly as planned, our Project Back On Track Camaro has taught plenty of lessons

APOCALYPSE HORSE…THE RIGHT WAY…Steve Yates spearheads the effort to tackle the final few weeks of fabrication before we head to paint

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