Dorman to the Rescue Parts Combo for 2000-2010 Ford F-150 Now Available at Summit Racing

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Like the tagline says, F-150 pickups are Built Ford Tough. And you can keep your F-150 working darn near forever by keeping up on the maintenance and replacing worn or broken parts as necessary—parts like the ones in this Dorman to the Rescue Parts Combo.
Dorman keeps a very sharp eye on what gets fixed or repaired most often on hundreds of vehicles. Dorman engineers then design high quality replacement parts—and often improve them—to provide you with parts that install and function like OEM, but without the OEM price tag.
For example, this Parts Combo lists 12 of the most failure-prone parts on 1998-2010 Ford F-150s—things like exhaust and intake manifolds that tend to crack, front locking hub actuators that get sticky, and even a tube that unbinds your column shifter without having to replace the entire column. It’s a handy checklist to have when you’re planning preventative maintenance.
RNB-590-001 Dorman Fuel Pump Driver, 2004-10 V6 and V8
RNB-600-105 Dorman 4WD Locking Hub Actuator, 2003-10
RNB-674-694 Dorman Exhaust Manifold, Passenger Side, 2004-10 5.4L
RNB-674-695 Dorman Exhaust Manifold, Driver Side, 2004-10 5.4L
RNB-974-301 Dorman TPMS Sensor, 2007-14
RNB-615-188 Dorman Intake Manifold Base, 2000-10 5.4L
RNB-917-200 Dorman Variable Valve Timing Solenoid, 2004-10 4.6/5.4L
RNB-917-250 Dorman Camshaft Phaser, 2004-10 4.6/5.4L
RNB-905-102 Dorman Column Shift Tube, 2000-04
RNB-722-019 Dorman Rear Leaf Spring Shackle, 2000-03
RNB-901-319 Dorman Power Mirror Switch, 2000-05
RNB-970-012 Dorman ABS Speed Sensor, 2000-03
And if other parts decide to expire on your Ford, chances are we have the Dorman replacement to get your truck back on the road. We carry over 1,300 Dorman parts for 1975-2015 F-Series trucks.
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