The history of the Plymouth Barracuda – the first Pony car

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The history of the Plymouth Barracuda – the first Pony car

It’s recorded in history that the Plymouth Barracuda was the very first pony car to debut two weeks earlier before the Ford Mustang was launched. Shortly afterwards, the Plymouth Barracuda was overshadowed by the Ford Mustang and Camaro fever. It was not until in 1970 that the Plymouth Barracuda made a strong come back with a new and powerful engine that its competitors at the time couldn’t even come close to. Today, the automotive industry still feels that the Barracuda is a prime example of outstanding engineering of the 1960s that also failed to receive fair attention. When you need different types of cheats for PC games, visit for more information, but remember to avoid cheap elo boosting services. These cars have only been honored in games typically played at Royal Vegas casino and in other entertainment platforms.

The 4 generations of the Barracuda were underrated, although they had something to offer in their respective eras. These cars were amazing in their own rights. That’s why we are reviewing what motor enthusiasts failed to see at the time.

A brief history of the first and subsequent generations of the Plymouth Barracuda

The American society underwent a number of remarkable changes between the 50s and 60s. The country witnessed this change as a result of teens and the 20-somethings beginning to speak their minds, thus attracting the attention of the so-called Detroit’s Big 3. And since automakers wanted to appeal to the young generation, they began to produce sporty and more performance-oriented cars in 1964. That is the year when the Plymouth Barracuda hit the market nearly two weeks before the famed Ford Mustang could come into the picture.

The Barracuda borrowed certain design elements from the Valiant. These included the hood, wheelbase, A-pillar, bumpers, windshield, doors, you name it. This also reduced the development cost that Chrysler incurred. That is also the reason they were able to bring the car to the market in good time.

Car specifications

The Barracudas of the 1964 shared the same power train as the Valiant. The car was predominantly produced in 2.8 liter and 3.7 liter versions respectively. But they also had a 4.5 liter powered by a V8 engine.

This is also the same year when the automaker stopped producing push-button Torque Flite auto transmission in the Plymouth Barracuda models. There were still a series of changes that were implemented in the subsequent versions of the car.

Even today, the slant 6 engine is still respected by the old school driving enthusiasts. It is still one of the best productions that Detroit ever came up with at the time.

A slant 6 doesn’t require intensive maintenance, yet it can run almost forever without giving up. This car was also loved due to the fact that it was built with straight-forward engineering which did not demand so much from, let’s say a tree mechanic. Working on this model was a piece of cake as long as you had a few basic tools to keep you going.

Another distinctive characteristic of this car was its massive rear window which covered a whooping 14.4sq feet. This rear window was a joint effort between a Pittsburgh company and Chrysler designers. However, as we approached 1966, the company decided to make changes that would see the Barracuda being pulled away from Valiant’s name plate. This resulted in a new design which could see this car proving to be a serious competitor in its category.

And on to another interesting piece of news that hasn’t got much in common with the Barracuda – Clarkson, Hammond and May set to release new car show this autumn.

Car enthusiasts follow automotive news whenever they find the opportunity. The boys promised to make a comeback without disappointing. They did exactly that, and now they have a car show which shall stream on Amazon. We believe Clarkson should dedicate the first episode to the Barracuda just to set things straight with the American audience after all of his past love and hate relationship with American cars…The exact launch date is not known yet. Meanwhile, you could also enjoy yourself playing driving themed games at Royal Vegas Casino. These games are a good time killer.

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