Who’s In This Issue – January 2017

| December 15, 2016 More

17-01 Cover-1The Rides

Cover Car – Blast from the Past – Richard Fox got his second wind for fast cars and hasn’t slowed down since!

Comeback Cav – This twin-turbo LS-powered Chevy proves that it is possible to breathe new life into a vintage pro streeter.


Starsky’s Boss – Kim Gough and his crew decided the only thing cooler than a Starsky and Hutch Tribute car was one stuffed with a Shotgun Hemi.

The Flying Pickle – The name just kind of stuck…

Outside the Box – Sometimes you have to forget the laws of physics and just go out and have some fun!

Hot Events

Street Car Drag Racing – Street machine owners in Canada get a big boost from a dedicated racer.

Exclusives & Tech

Shop Talk: What do a Gearhead and a Samurai Warrior Have in Common?

The Projects

4 Lug Thug – EZ Off – We repair two disasters while making life easier with Quik-Latch and VFN Fiberglass

Apocalypse Horse – If at First you Don’t Succeed – Overcoming setbacks along the way, we reassemble our S & W Race Cars rear end, then begin tin work thanks to Midwest Customs of Madrid.

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