Who’s In This Issue – February 2016

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15-12 Cover-1THE RIDES

Grand Am-bition….Allan Juhasz’s 2002 Pontiac Grand Am triple threat

Back In Black….Al DiSalvo’s stock chassis small tire Chevelle returns to action!

The MM Show….When Mike Martyn says he has a pretty fast Mustang that he drives on the street, rest assured, he can back it up…on both counts!

SUIT & BowTIE…This 1968 Camaro used to haul owner Mark Lohr back and forth to work in business attire…now it hauls more than that!

West Coast Nines….Calfornian Tom Patterson’s 2014 Mustang GT might look stock, but don’t be fooled!


Safety First

Turbo’s Blowers, & Multi-Stage Nitrous….Protect yourself against the “what ifs”

Cool Tools

Making an Impact….The Mac Tools BWP150-Z2 cordless impact gun helps us trick out our truck.

Save Your Threads…Save Your Time….The UNIBURR+ makes cutting bolts and dressing threads a snap.

Trick out Your Truck

How to Stop a Tank Without an RPG!….We install a new Z36 Severe Duty brake kit and high performance calipers from Power Stop Brakes on our huge Ford Excursion.


The Next Step….Project aPocalypSe Horse heads west for paint and body.

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