RPM Magazine announces even more places to get your fix of mega horsepower!

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For those readers newer to the RPM mix you may not know that RPM is an independantly owned and operated magazine that is now read in 30 countries worldwide.  RPM is the original and only magazine that focuses on “Real Time” articles and information that are current not ancient, surrounding both the street machine and doorslammer drag race scene worldwide.  We are also the only magazine permitted to use the name and mark “RPM Magazine” on our cover… so don’t be fooled by the copycats!  For over 13 years RPM, through it’s dedicated staff and contributors in USA, Canada and around the world, have expanded and improved not just the physical magazine itself into the top quality product you now enjoy, but have also worked very hard to expand the availabilty of what has fast become the most sought after car mag in the world… RPM!

Who & Where – RPM is distributed in many different ways, reaching readers through Subscriptions, Newsstand Distribution, Direct Distribution and the Internet.  We send out subscription magazines every month to readers around the world, and generally the subscriber is first to get RPM. Newsstand Distribution – No other independant publication similar to RPM is distributed through newsstands.  Our EXCLUSIVE Newsstand Program sees placement in a wide variety of stores and retail outlets across the USA, Canada and even at select outlets in the UK! RPM is also sold at large mainstream book and retail stores which has now been expanded to include Walmart! These efforts result in getting into hard to reach places where a new reader can find it.  We continually enhance our newsstand distribution program to include a greater selection of locations each and every month. Direct Distribution – We attend many special industry events every year and distribute RPM at each and every one of them. From Industry-only events such asTrade Shows, to Car Shows, Drag Races and Chicago body shops, auto body repair service.  RPM is also shipped direct to hundreds of Manufacturers, Performance, Race and General Repair Shops every month. Internet Distribution – The RPM “E-Mag” is made available to the masses through the Internet with quality that is second to none, appearing identical to the printed publication but available for reading online only and not for download.  The RPM E-Mag is published 30 days following the Newsstand release date of each issue thereby ensuring the printed publication subscribers are always the first to get their current issue.

RPM MAGAZINE can be found at the following large retailers in USA and Canada (as well as hundreds of independant retailers not listed): USA – Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Books A Million, Walmart Canada – Coles, Chapters, Walmart, Associated Grocers, Buy-Low, Freson, Thrifty, Fairway, H.Y. Louie, Value Drugs, Quality Foods, Overwaitea Food Group


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